Saturday, January 22, 2011

so, it's 2011. . .

. . and nothing is going to happen really


a compilation we're putting out with many other bands besides ours (hopefully)

(deadline is Feb 13th to get songs in, and it comes out the 14th, right on this here site)


the new Kindergarten Hazing Ritual full length, which will be the 10th anniversary of Kindergarten Hazing Ritual.

.springofdrownedpanda. are writing, Eaglebauer Goes to Quiznos are writing, and Zombie Ninja Schmoe started something new.

Due to the revelation that EVERYBODY is doing 8-bit covers of metal songs, Samus's Pimp has been killed.

A new project is beginning, which uses the Sega Genesis sound card instead.
We're moving to 16-bit, basically. (KHR have advanced this way too)
If we cannot think of some kind of name involving fucked up shit happening to an iconic 16-bit character, we will take the name Marc from Gozer gave us (which is Grindstar Heroes).

No, Make a Change Kill a Brunette isn't quite a real thing yet.
. . . . . .it could be though.