Sunday, November 7, 2010

Two new releases in one day from 37564. . . .what the fuck?!?!?!

Busy weekend.

37564-011 - Kindergarten Hazing Ritual - All Kids love Spiked Bat

First, Kindergarten Hazing Ritual's new EP (which was going to be on a split. . but now that split will have even newer material)
All Kids Love Spiked Bat

37564-012 - Zombie Ninja Schmoe - Tracks From the Grave

Next, Zombie Ninja Schmoe has been undead for a little while.
Since the. . um. . .rising, there were a couple releases before the single "haken cruisin' dystopia" that went under the radar or didn't even happen.

TRACKS FROM THE GRAVE features the unreleased splits with Incentive and Evil Robot Ted. Also the rare track from the split with Silent Storm "daisuke ya mo burns this place to the ground".
Also included, "cryp-walksy of a short cliff" the hilarious Cryptopsy spoof remix that was only heard on the myspace, The rejected Blam Honey remix and even some gems from the DJ Ninja Schmoe days (the split with Coathanger 84 and 3 other unknown classics that only the people from the "music that kicks rocks" days will remember)

Both free.