Friday, April 30, 2010

too slow

Things are quiet on the release front right now, but they're loud in every other way possible.

Kindergarten Hazing Ritual have a new song on the Robo! Robotica (that's ya boy Phil from A Beautiful Lotus's label) compilation

Zombie Ninja Schmoe are on Dystopiaq vol 2

We are considering doing a compilation of our own. Details when we figure them out. People with multiple projects especially, stay tuned. This might be just for you.

.springofdrownedpanda. and Kindergarten Hazing Ritual are writing and recording albums

+killthemanbecomethemonster+ tried to do a new song, recorded it, liked it, now kinda of don't like the lyrics and are on the verge of scrapping the whole thing.
This is how it's worked for that band for the last 6 years.
It's debatable whether they'll ever release anything again.

that's about all from us for now

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