Friday, April 2, 2010

new Zombie Ninja Schmoe stuff

The other day, Zombie Ninja Schmoe went all J DIlla (R.I.P.) on the save room song from Resident Evil: Code Veronica

now, this was bound to happen, as he is obsessed with that song.

He's made quite a few hip-hop beats and at some point may release them on an album. . or not.

Anyway, hope you enjoy that.

After you're done checking that out, you should go get Xrin Arms new releases. He's got a free split EP, and a digital album you can buy on ReverbNation.

Kindergarten Hazing Ritual have another compilation appearance coming up, this time for Phil from A Beautiful Lotus's netlabel Robo! robotica

speaking of netlabels. . .like ours
we officially have a collection the Internet Archive

stay tuned

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