Tuesday, March 2, 2010

37564-007 - Kindergarten Hazing Ritual/Cadaveric Sludge Dispenser Unit split

we already posted it on the KHR blog. . so you can grab it there

this, of course, was "The Open Letters Part Deux"
KHR's sequel to thier segment of the 4 way split from years ago. They tackle Wikipedia, several porn stars and the feminists AGAIN.

Also, Zombie Ninja Schmoe has an exclusive new song on the new Dystopiaq compilation.
You'll also hear new tracks from Incentive, Flaccid Redux and Scissor Shock, and tons more. I'm listening to it as I type this. You're in for a treat.
Follow that link.

oh, right

that was Kindergarten Hazing Ritual's christmas album
Go! Go! Bukkakke X-mas Gaiden!

which was posted at Bandcamp

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