Sunday, February 14, 2010

.springofdrownedpanda. - umm. . . .springofdrownedpanda.

get the .springofdrownedpanda. EP at gimmesound. . .proceeds from the downloads go to curing Alzheimers
37564-005 - .springofdrownedpanda. - self titled

yeah, gimmesound pays artists for free downloads

depressive sludgecore project influenced by Admiral Angry, Plagues, Black Sheep Wall and THE WORST FUCKING YEAR EVER (that being 2009)

The name, and song titles are all references to the only good romantic comedy ever made, that being the classic anime series Ranma 1/2.
That is the only thing funny about this band.
The album was written in a haze of anger and depression. The depression has worn off a bit since finishing the record, and the next one may very well be fueled by pure rage.

Give it a listen.
or not

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