Monday, February 15, 2010

elements of the past. . . . . .

Kindergarten Hazing Ritual began in 2001, and have existed in obscurity ever since. . .and obscurity they've come to appreciate, because it allows them to say whatever they want, however they want to say it.

This is from 2001 to 2007.
Old favorites, and shit that's new to you (because fuck knows it wasn't that easy to find. . . . . .god forbid anyone was looking for it)

37564-009 - Kindergarten Hazing Ritual - you only have freedom of speech when nobody's listening

Sunday, February 14, 2010

.springofdrownedpanda. - umm. . . .springofdrownedpanda.

get the .springofdrownedpanda. EP at gimmesound. . .proceeds from the downloads go to curing Alzheimers
37564-005 - .springofdrownedpanda. - self titled

yeah, gimmesound pays artists for free downloads

depressive sludgecore project influenced by Admiral Angry, Plagues, Black Sheep Wall and THE WORST FUCKING YEAR EVER (that being 2009)

The name, and song titles are all references to the only good romantic comedy ever made, that being the classic anime series Ranma 1/2.
That is the only thing funny about this band.
The album was written in a haze of anger and depression. The depression has worn off a bit since finishing the record, and the next one may very well be fueled by pure rage.

Give it a listen.
or not

Eaglebauer Goes To Quiznos - they got a pepper bar

Eaglebauer Goes To Quiznos

this is where all the Mindless Self Indulgence influence that used to run rampant in KHR went

I know you're sick of new genres. .but fuck it
this is psychowave

their name is a tribute to Frankie Goes to Hollywood. . .and Quiznos. . .

37564-004 - Eaglebauer Goes To Quiznos - They Got A Pepper Bar
(yeah it's crap)

Zombie Ninja Schmoe - Google's Gonna Get You

Ninja Schmoe's 3rd full length
it's title came from a member of Apocolyptic Youth

I don't know which one, he had a mask on.

they wear those. . . .ya know?

37564-003 - Zombie Ninja Schmoe - Google's Gonna Get You


Zombie Ninja Schmoe - Haken Cruisin' Dystopia

37564 - 002

DJ Ninja Schmoe's first release after the retirement that was so short it didn't even bloody happen.
Dude lost some new material from a computer error, and freaked out and swore he was done.
He did something else literally the next day.
After a month, he had this single done (which eventually was rereleased as a split with Silent Storm with 2 extra songs).

This was the second 37564 release.

37564-002 - Zombie Ninja Schmoe - Haken Cruisin' Dystopia

Kindergarten Hazing Ritual - myspace the album

37564's first official release as a net label, actually took place in 2007.

Kindergarten Hazing Ritual's 2007 follow up to Awaiting the Video Game Crash, tackled the pitfall that is Myspace.

released December 25th, 2007

37564-001 - Kindergarten Hazing Ritual - myspace the album


we'll be posting all of our releases here.

first up,

37564-008 - Eaglebauer Goes To Quiznos - STRAIGHTJACK: THE NIGHT STLAKER

. . .and you thought we grew out of releasing stuff on venerial disease day

get a load of the psychowave upstarts new EP about a serial killer who murders redheads, brunettes and alt.bitches.
should be fun if you're a fan of Criminal Minds (mmmmmmmmmmmm. . . Prentisssssssss).

coming tomorrow, Kindergarten Hazing Ritual's 2001-2007 discography compilation.